Cybertruck’s broken windows

On Thursday November 21th, Tesla presented it’s Cybertruck to the world. In a presentation that looked part Blade Runner, part Batman, Tesla presented a truck that is remotely different from what people expected it to look like.

One of the highlights of the evening was the moment at which Tesla Chief Designer, Franz van Holzhausen, threw a steel ball at the “Armor glass”, resulting in two shattered windows.

At first sight, you could think that this was the 2019 equivalent of Microsoft‘s famous Windows 98 presentation where the operating system showed a BSoD after attaching a device.

But was it?

After only five days, Tesla now has over 200.000 pre-orders for a car that will be delivered in about two years.

The shattered glass moment has gone viral over the internet, resulting in a lot of free exposure.

After the presentation, a video and tweet implied this was not supposed to happen.

I don't buy it.

Shattering the windows was the best part of the presentation.

This was brilliant marketing.