I don’t know how to eat this


This simple language construct reflects an interesting way of looking at things.

Instead of immediately judging, it leaves open the possibility that your opinion might change.

It is not the subject that is lacking, it is your understanding of the subject.

Instead of:

  • “This code is awful” say “I don‘t understand this piece of code yet”.
  • “I don't understand ...” say “I don't understand ... yet”.

Just a big tiny difference.

I think of this phrase a lot. It is so tempting (and easy!) to jump to early conclusions on pretty much everything. That is exactly why it is good to sometimes pause and reflect. You might just change your mind.

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    Annie🦄⚡ shared 3 years ago
    Oohh nice, thanks for sharing Aron! I wrote about this here ("Tips for on your first job" section), but I love your spin on it with that tweet you referenced 🤗 medium.com/@anniebombanie…
  • Really nice blog BTW