Ship it

Today, I was reminded (not for the first time) how important it is to actually ship the stuff you're building.

3 weeks. That is what it took.

Like many developers, I dream of bootstrapping a successful side-project into something profitable. Like many developers, too, I have started several side-projects with the idea that this will be the one. It typically goes like this:

  • Dream of cool product
  • Consider how easy it seems to build it
  • Register a domain, because obviously that is the most important step 🙄
  • Start programming
  • Change frameworks at least two times
  • Somewhere down the line, stop programming
  • ... and never ship 😕 seems like a really nice product. It basically allows you to capture metrics from different sources, be it a plain cURL request or a Node-script. What is so nice about it is that is is so darn easy to get started and integrate it in your own projects. It comes with a really snappy dashboard creator as well.

Maybe I am a bit biased, because this product could have come straight out of one of my dreams.

A year or two back, I started working on a project with pretty much the same goal as QuickMetrics:

  • Allow metrics to be captured as easily as possible
  • Aggregate metrics into dashboards
  • Require as little programming skills as possible to integrate it

Obviously, I needed a domain (again, super important 🙄), so I registered because I thought it was a cool name. ( I don't own the domain anymore. )

I started programming. Even made a quick draft of an interactive product page that allowed you to test the service without even logging in. in all its crappy glory in all its crappy glory

I just forgot to do one thing: ship it.

In the end, died before I even launched it. It basically was a product-page with a really simple API. In retrospect, I probably could have shipped it in that state to collect feedback, but I didn't.

This post functions as a reminder for myself and others to ship the things that you build. If that idea you are having is really so good, people will start noticing it, even with its flaws. Just ship it, before someone else does it for you.

I have a lot of respect for Léo and Felix for shipping QuickMetrics. Congratulations on launching it. I hope it will become a better product than I could ever have dreamed of 🤗